Fabulous Finds Friday – NYC Rowhouse Renovation

I’m posting this on a Thursday, even though it’s Friday’s post.  Please forgive me for not putting together a Thursday post worthy of sharing!  (I promise to make it up to you!)

I’ve been talking about architecture this week.  Mainly how architecture and interiors are inseparable in the most successful projects.  That a timeless home designs with both in mind from the beginning, or renovations somehow honor the existing structure and its past.  This month’s DWELL magazine yielded several great projects!  The one shown below is a New York City renovation of a rowhouse, spread out over nearly a decade, undertaken by an architect.  I’m showing this to you because even though the newly redesigned interior deviates from its traditional exterior, I think his use of materials and forms honor the building, not compete with it.

Rowhouses were traditionally built as a series of small rooms flanking a central hall.  These rooms were often deprived of natural light and lent themselves to a disconnect between family members in different areas of the house.  But, times and lifestyles were different a century ago.  Here in America, we may not have the centuries-old architectural heritages of Europe or Asia, but we have a multitude of unique buildings begging to be given new life.  So how do we preserve architectural integrity while catering to the needs of our modern life?  I think these images show a carefully calculated solution.







What do you think?