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I am just an average girl on the search for my own design style. One that I will not tire of, that will stand up to kids and dogs and life. One that will say something about who I am and how I want to live.

I am a residential interior designer with a Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture and a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Obviously, my interests vary! I am happily married to my college sweetheart (we met while working at our college library), and we are the proud parents of a lovable little mutt named Oscar. Kids will follow in due time! In the meantime, we are trying to reconcile our city-girl and country-boy opinions about life.

We live in a rented townhouse on a limited budget and I never tire of moving the furniture or the artwork in the vain hope something might work better if only it were in a different place. (Hubby indulges me!) I am voracious in my consumption of design magazines, books on almost any subject, off-beat music and funny movies. I’m looking forward to kids so that I have an excuse to go to the zoo and the childrens’ section of the library (among many other reasons!)

This blog is my way of pursuing a definition for “timeless living” and all that entails – in my home, in my cooking, in my entertaining, in my life. Join me!

xo Jess

amaranthineaesthetic <at> gmail <dot> com


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