Timeless Tangent Thursday – Collections

Talking about making accessories personal got me thinking about all the many things people collect, and how special these collections can be to us.  I was most certainly a collector when I was younger… stamps, candles, horse figurines, little animal statues, you name it and I probably had more than one.  The only thing I really collect anymore are books, but I’d like to think I’m starting an art collection.  I think collections are important, because generally, they’re cultivated over time with a good deal of care and attention.  And even if you inherited a collection, someone else spent time on it.  They show our personalities and our values and our unique sense of beauty and wonder.

Sometimes, though, I think it can be hard to figure out how to display a collection.  I grew up admiring the displayed collections in the home of both sets of grandparents.  My grandmother (dad’s side) collects antiques of all kinds, but I’ve always loved her collection of old baskets hanging from the barn beams in her family room.  And my grandfather (mom’s side) was a dedicated collector of Native American artifacts, displaying them prominently in carefully planned shadow boxes.  An entire wall in their dining room held his most treasured hobby of retirement: the birds he lovingly carved and painted, each one perfectly to scale and coloration of the real thing.

So today I went looking for interesting collection displays.  I’ve always felt that the best way to display a collection is by keeping the items all together.  That way, there is a sense of presence and importance given to them.  And that can certainly make for a stunning visual presentation.  Here are some of my finds!

What do you collect?  How do you display them?

Want to see more collections?  Check out this fabulous project:

A Collection a Day, 2010

(all images from Pinterest)


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