Timeless Trait Tuesday + (un)Wordless Wednesday = Continuance of Invitation

Hello again… If you’re one of my regular readers you can probably tell a few posts have been missing over the past week.  Life has been busy!  Well actually, more like work has been busy and I have been exhausted.  But happy 🙂

If you read Monday’s post, you know I’ve decided to extend last week’s theme of “Inviting & Welcoming” to this week!  Too much to discuss!  (I should have divided it up better, but I’m still working on learning this blogging thing…)

Last Wednesday was all about front entrances that invite you to enter, and you guys definitely had a favorite image!  (overwhelmingly so)  Almost everyone commented about loving porches!

Then there was a great comment from Jami @ Freckled Laundry last Tuesday.  She lives in a mid-century ranch in need of some curb appeal.  I can imagine that many of you out there have or will find yourselves in the same predicament.  So these can serve as inspiration for all of us to make our homes more welcoming, but Jami, these are most of all for you!

Hope you enjoyed the pretties!


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