Must-Read Monday: “Patterns of Home” by Jacobson, Silverstein & Winslow

Last week’s topic was “Inviting and Welcoming” as being essential to timeless design, and it’s a topic big enough to warrant another week of discussion!  Mahady’s book was one inspiration, this book was another.  “Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design” was actually the textbook for one of my first design classes.  Though it was used as a textbook, it is not written for students alone.  I found its photographs, illustrations and language to make each point very accessible.

These are the ten essentials the authors outline:

  1. Inhabiting the Site
  2. Creating Rooms, Outside & In
  3. Sheltering Roof
  4. Capturing Light
  5. Parts in Proportion
  6. The Flow Through Rooms
  7. Private Edges, Common Core
  8. Refuge and Outlook
  9. Places in Between
  10. Composing with Materials

You’ll see a lot more here this week about inviting design, so come back and join us!


1 thought on “Must-Read Monday: “Patterns of Home” by Jacobson, Silverstein & Winslow

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