(un)Wordless Wednesday

It’s hopeless to call this post wordless, but I’ll keep it as brief as possible!  Yesterday’s post about “sense of place” got me thinking about the trip my family took to Ireland several years ago.  (Someday I’ll get my old computer’s hard drive hooked up to my new one and find those pictures for you!)

If you ever have the opportunity to travel the Irish countryside, you will see how unchanged it has remained.  (In fact, there are many places where ridges from the old potato farms are still visible on the green, rolling hills.)  Homes traditionally had large, sloping, thatched roofs.  They would develop into a form with a chimney at each end of the home, anchoring a more traditional peaked roof, beginning as thatch but turning into more contemporary roofing materials.  The twin-chimney form is still commonly used in new construction.

Enjoy the pretties below!

Come back tomorrow for more ramblings about sense of place!


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