Must-Ready Monday – Bobby McAlpine’s “The Home Within Us”

One of the most inspirational architects/interior designers of today is Bobby McAlpine. Co-founder of architecture firm McAlpine Tankersley and interior design firm McAlpine Booth & Ferrier, and furniture designer for McAlpine Home, he offers ideas for every area of home.

McAlpine’s beautiful projects speak for themselves: they show that architecture, interior architecture and interior design are wholly dependent on each other for a project to be successful. His homes are rife with stunning details, inside and out, creating a cohesiveness that makes each one greater than the sum of its parts. McAlpine calls this his pursuit for “the inheritable house”, doing this through explorations of timeless forms and styles in an effort to give each client a home reflective of them. The Home Within Us is his first publication, complete with rich commentary and striking photos. There is a great deal of attention paid to the basic concepts that drive each design and the details with which they are realized.

all images from Pinterest

Further reading:

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Come back tomorrow for a longer discussion about architecture and timeless interiors!



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