Happy Sunday

Have a blessed Sunday!



3 thoughts on “Happy Sunday

  1. Such a sweet photo of that little chapel. Love it. I tried to follow you but I don’t even see the button now so I email subscribed instead! Loving the direction of your blog. I only use white dishes too. Thank you for the inspiration photos. I’ll be in touch soon.


  2. Loved all the pictures. Sometimes, white on white does not work but in this case, it was absolutely gorgeous! I am a new follower on Facebook and Twitter. I did not see GFC. I would have followed on RSS Reader but I am having someone work on mine. It is doing something funny. Hopefully, she will be able to fix it before long. I would love a follow back on FB and Twitter for now. I will make myself a note to come back and follow thru RSS when she gets it fixed. Thanks so very much and have a great day!


    • Mary – Thank you for following! I’ve also followed you back on FB and Twitter. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support GFC! You can also subscribe by email if you would like!

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