Must-Read Monday

Good morning!  Welcome to the first Must-Read Monday here at Amaranthine Aesthetic.  I’ve struggled with what to share today, because my list continues to grow.  But I think I’ve decided.  Last week, I introduced the Timeless Living books by Wim Pauwels.  He’s become rather prolific, having published numerous tomes on the timeless design subject.  So I wanted to introduce you to some of these.

These books certainly present and promote a very European perspective on timeless design.  But the color palettes and architectural details are incredibly inspiring.  These books have provided ideas, inspiration and solutions in my work as a designer, and are loved by clients and architects alike.  These are like grown-up picture books – not much commentary, but large collections of beautiful photographs.  His newer publications also do a better job of photographing the small details that make up such stunning interiors.

Have any of you read or used any books by Wim Pauwels?  Do these look like something you would use?

Come back tomorrow for Timeless Trait Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Must-Read Monday

  1. I’ve never seen Pauwels work before, but it does look like something I would use in the future. I have to admit I’ve always been a fan of Danish/Scandinavian furniture & design, so he fits right in for me!

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