Wim Pauwels

There are several well-known and beautifully-done design books focused on this same topic, titled “Timeless Living”. Belgian author Wim Pauwels showcases a variety of European homes that meet his definition of timeless. It is not hard to see why most of them are chosen. The spaces exude a simplicity, created through truth in architecture, an abundance of natural light, attention to craft and expression of materials. There is an obvious rejection of the superfluous and a concentration on necessity. Exquisite details punctuate each space.

Pauwels offers one look at timelessness in this series, and his other publications continue in the same vein. But the purpose of this blog is to seek out our own definition, applicable and useful in our modern everyday lives.

This is just one designer’s definition, now it’s your turn to share yours! This is a journey where hopefully we all discover something new, that might shed new light on how we view designing our own homes to suit our needs.



6 thoughts on “Wim Pauwels

  1. Loving your blog already Jess – and looking forward to following along with your design journey! Your ‘amaranthine aesthetic’ really appeals to me, and I’m excited to learn more. 🙂 As for Wim Pauwels ‘timeless homes’ that I can see on here, I think they are beautiful, but I also think they feel cold. I need some warmth and coziness to a room, but I also love the idea of timelessness. Is there such a thing as cozy & timeless? -Kristy

    • Kristy- I think a timeless room can be both! I might see what else I can post from Pauwels’ books, just to show more of his perspective. But the journey has just begun, so much more to come!

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